Wyld About The Environment

     At The Good we believe in many things, most importantly: quality, community and the environment. In honor of Earth Month we have decided to zero in on some leaders in the journey to becoming more sustainable in the Canadian cannabis industry.  Throughout April, we will feature different companies and talk about what they are doing to create a greener future for us all.

     For this week we are going to direct your focus to the company Wyld.

     Wyld is a high quality edible focused company, specializing in all natural fruit flavors. It’s common knowledge that the cannabis industry has a long way to go as far as becoming more sustainable. Most companies in the industry use plastic containers for most of their products but Wyld believes they can do better than plastic. That’s why their packaging is 100% compostable! They have achieved this by using compostable adhesives and inks, all materials are biobased including bioPBS, cellulose and bio resins.


     Wyld is considered an official carbon neutral company. They achieved this by reducing, offsetting and measuring the greenhouse gas emissions produced by their operations as well as having transitioned all of their facilities to renewable energy. In 2020 the company decided to track their footprint and plans to publish the report once it’s been verified by an independent third party. They are currently in the process of recording the data for 2021 and are committed to publishing their carbon inventory annually moving forward.

     Wyld is committed to helping in as many ways as they can and that is why they have teamed up with organizations like South Pole who they worked with to ensure that they are procuring enough carbon credits to effectively offset their residual emissions. They also worked together to purchase an additional 30% of carbon credits to be certain they are covered. Wyld has shown us that they believe in transparency by making all of this information accessible on their website.

     Impacts like this are important as living in a consumer driven world leaves us and our planet in danger from waste and pollution. Being an industry with such close ties to the environment it only makes sense that we, the Cannabis consumers and industries should be paving the way for a more sustainable market. 

Until next week!

Post Written by Lo Alexandra for The Good Cannabis Company.
To contact Lo email info@shopthegood.ca